ponedeljek, 8. 4. 2024

Potopite se z nami v svet rib in ribic

Dive with us into the world of fish and fishies! 

On Wednesday, April 17th, at 4 p.m., we'll gather a Grič to discuss both saltwater and freshwater fish of all shapes and sizes with Luka - who else! He'll share some tips on picking and prepping the fish, and teach us some fin-tastic techniques and tricks. Our agenda also includes ageing, storing, cleaning, filleting, and finding new uses for various fishy scraps.

We'll start slowly with a glass of bubbly and then keep swimming with our experienced lecturer through our guided workshop, taste some prepared fish dishes and homemade snacks, and head home with a piece of smoked fish for personal use.

You will need no prior knowledge to attend the Fish and Fishies workshop, so don’t be koi with your registrations – we're accepting them at info@gric.si. The fee for participating in the workshop is 160 euros.

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