Food & wine

One of the advantages of Šentjošt is that it offers tranquillity - to its guests and its chef. To our chef, his family and friends, the surrounding natural environment has become a daily companion. We wait for the perfect moment to collect the birch water and spend our mornings discovering the hidden mushroom-picking sites. We watch the ducks chase each other and marvel at Koligar's mastery of handling fish. We savour the aroma of fresh cheese at Orešnik's and peek curiously at the jars in the fermentation room. The philosophy accompanying our plates adapts to the cycles of nature, only now and then allowing us to cheat its seasons by choosing the preserves from our cellar.

Inspired by nature.

Apart from following the premise of feeling inspired by nature's offerings, it is not always easy to explain why and how the chosen ingredients found their way onto our guests' plates - though the flavour combinations invariably reflect chef Luka's vision. 


We thrive in presenting our ideas that found their way to our two tasting menus that are updated daily, depending on the chef's current inspiration and available ingredients.

If you want to know more, we will gladly explain it! Perhaps over a glass of fine wine from our admirable collection, or some homemade tea, june juices or other homemade non-alcoholic concoctions. How does that sound?

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