News from Grič

At Grič, there’s always something new. What’s sprouted in our garden will find its way to our plates, while the sprouts from our minds will find their way to this page.

Homemade ferments & fine wine

We are excited to invite you to the inaugural event of our tasting series, where we will introduce our homemade fermented products in a unique and unprecedented manner. Our homemade ferments, meticulously crafted by Chef Luka Košir over the course of a decade...

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Join us for a truffle hunt

The Karst region hides many stunning treasures, among them, the most enticing underground gem for connoisseurs of refined flavours - truffles. On November 4th we will embark on a unique adventure - truffle hunting in the enchanting Karst forests, accompanied b...

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Summer vacation

Dear friends, a kind of vacation time is finally coming up for us as well. Grič will be closed between July 30 and August 16 and we'll spend this time with the kids, work on the never-ending renovations, recover our garden after storms hit it, and definitely ...

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Among the top 10 restaurants in Falstaff Magazine

It is a great honour and privilege to be listed among the top 10 restaurants in Slovenia this year, according to Falstaff magazine, with a score of 95 points. We're in great company with Hiša Franko, Gostilna Pri Lojzetu / Dvorec Zemono, Hiša Denk, Dam resta...

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A word about the renovation

In the past few months, the bird song in the surrounding trees was often disturbed by the racket of demolition hammers and drilling machines. The saw's swishing followed, as did the shh-shh-shh of sandpaper. And finally, we could hear the encouraging snap of a...

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Spring menu

There's no stopping nature in springtime. Her flourishing in all shades of green, blooming and smelling – well, of spring. Even the garden has awakened, filling Barbara's head with ideas, hands with work, and baskets with such delights. And how generous are ...

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