petek, 22. 9. 2023

Join us for a truffle hunt

The Karst region hides many stunning treasures, among them, the most enticing underground gem for connoisseurs of refined flavours - truffles. On November 4th we will embark on a unique adventure - truffle hunting in the enchanting Karst forests, accompanied by decadent refreshments and the extensive foraging knowledge of chef Luka Košir and the Grič team.

In the morning hours, we will head to the starting point, where we will discuss our hunting tactics over a glass of something exquisite and fortify ourselves with a hearty local snack for the exciting adventure ahead. Divided into smaller groups, armed with new knowledge and invigorated by food and curiosity, we will set out on a truffle hunting expedition, accompanied by 2 trained truffle hunting dogs. In our hunt, there will be no losers. After the hunt, we will gather at Grandma's garden and learn about the importance of homegrown produce and sustainable gardening practices while picking herbs and vegetables. To conclude our day, we will enjoy a three-course lunch, fragrant with truffles, autumn flavours, and homemade preserves and ferments, all accompanied by carefully selected wines.

Trip price: €200 (we'll deduct a 20% promotional discount)
The number of spots is limited to 12 people.
For reservations and accommodation options (, please contact us at 

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