21.March 2019

Middle,insides,the offal.

Clippings, cattle meat, 'strange' parts of animals,
The goods are always somewhat hidden.
Meat that is often wrongly assigned as ‘’less valuable’’.
Parts that are always intended for not so reputable foods ....

But this was not always the case
and it certainly should not be. Offal - organs and underestimated parts from tongue to tail
are some of the most delicious and nutritious pieces of meat,

We invite you, to go through traditional,
wild and creative recipes that will surprise you.

The courses will be accompanied with wild, natural, vines
of Janko Štekar
From farm Štekar, Goriška Brda.

  • greeting from the kitchen
  • 7 course menu
  • petit fours
  • wine accompaniment, natural vines Štekar
    price: 95 €

reservations on tel.
031/ 715 786