Grič is a family-owned restaurant that invites visitors from the city greys into the homely embrace of the surrounding greenery. The precious gifts of nature we bring to the table teach us humility and gratitude.

Where to?


Following the twists and turns over the hills and plains surrounding Polhov Gradec, you arrive at Šentjošt nad Horjulom, a village chef Luka Košir calls home. While the story of Grič has borne his signature since 2009, the plot writes itself with its uniqueness emerging from the immediate surroundings: from the forest slopes to vast meadows, from gardens and fields, from its excellent ingredients and produce by devoted local growers.

At Grič, we are humbled by our sincerest bond with nature, while our team transforms its greatest gifts into genuine dishes with unwavering dedication.

To the table


What has sprung in our garden today? What did we carefully store in the mason jars, what did we put on our cellar's shelves and which ingredients have finally matured to perfection? The answers lay with our tasting menus with wine or non-alcoholic pairing.

Back to nature


What would our lives be without our garden and flocks of ducks waddling freely? What would our lives be without growing herbs, picking flowers in the meadow, foraging mushrooms, lichens and other wild treasures? What purpose would we follow if we could not try to use and store everything we collect and grow to the best of our ability? Surely, it would not be worth it without all those sharing our beliefs of living as one with nature.

Homemade ferments & fine wine

We are excited to invite you to the inaugural event of our tasting series, where we will introduce our homemade fermented products in a unique and unprecedented manner. Our homemade ferments, meticulously crafted by Chef Luka Košir over the course of a decade...

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Join us for a truffle hunt

The Karst region hides many stunning treasures, among them, the most enticing underground gem for connoisseurs of refined flavours - truffles. On November 4th we will embark on a unique adventure - truffle hunting in the enchanting Karst forests, accompanied b...

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